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Mobile commerce or m-commerce is a fast-growing industry. The race is on to find the most effective way of embracing this new technology – one that benefits retailers with increased sales and consumers with convenience.

In some countries, businesses who are slightly ahead of the curve have already introduced impressive m-commerce systems and are enjoying greater revenue as a result. Want to join them?

Mibelo offer two m-commerce platforms.

What's the word 'Mibelo'?

I wanted a name that could represent a company that is dedicated to mobile commerce and it sounds easy and fun.
I played with the word mobile and I ended up with Mibelo, which is an anagram of mobile.
- Chim Kan, founder

QR Code Shopping

For medium or big size companies we offer a QR code shopping platform available in the U.S. and Canada. With our software, the consumer is able to select and buy products directly from their smartphones using a QR code scanner.

1. Retailer adds product information to the Mibelo system. 2. Mibelo generates QR codes and retailer places them on printed ads or dynamic displays. 3. Consumer sees the ad/display and scans the relevant Mibelo QR code/s. 4. The consumer is charged for the product/s and the retailer receives the order and payment from Mibelo. 5. Retailer delivers the product/s.

Mibelo Marketplace

For small and medium size businesses, we offer a mobile commerce marketplace. Sellers list their products in Mibelo Marketplace and their products can reach new customers through mobile devices with minimum of cost.

1. Seller lists products in Mibelo Marketplace. 2. Mibelo generates product pages that are mobile ready. 3. Consumer sees sellers products from Mibelo Marketplace available in Android Marketplace, App Store and web. 4. The consumer is charged for the product/s and the seller receives the order and payment from directly from buyer. 5. Seller delivers the product/s.

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